Statistics Page

BaseElements 18 introduces a new Statistics page, which shows you some valuable insights into your FileMaker solution, other than the element detail that you're used to.


The File section shows the total number of elements in a file.  So adding up all the scripts, layouts, fields etc into a single figure.  This is a reasonable proxy for the complexity of any particular file compared to the others.  The largest 8 files are shown.

The Functionality section lists all the various access methods that are available, and gives a count for the number of accounts that have access to any one.  It's a great way to work out how many different ways there are to access this solution.  This is all of the access methods available currently.


The Table section lists the number of records in the tables, and shows 8 tables with the most records.

The Steps section shows the most commonly used script steps in the solution and the counts of each.  Although script use is common between different solutions, it's an interesting way to see what is used.


Finally the Alerts section is an aggregate of the Error, Warning and Performance issues that BE picked up.  Alerts are normally on the per element level, so seeing it aggregated here lets you see what's most common and would benefit from the most attention.

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