Clip Manager Syncing

BaseElements 18 introduces the feature of being able to sync Clip Manager clips to a central syncing platform.

There are three options for syncing in BE 18 :

  • Hosted syncing that you control access.
  • BaseElements 18 Sample code sharing.
  • Sync to Dropship - Coming Soon.

To get started open the Clip Manager using this icon in the toolbar :


You can keep clips here, and they're stored in the "Local" section on the left.

To view the BaseElements Sample clips, or view settings for accessing your own hosted file, click the gear icon next to "BE Clip Server".


This opens the syncing preference dialog :


To sync only the Sample server ( which is GET only, you can't add to the sample server ) check the "Sample Sync" checkbox and click OK.  Then when you click the sync icon in the toolbar you'll download any new versions of the sample clips.

Setting up your own hosted Clip File

There is an example hosted file that you need to download and is attached at the end of this post.

The file must be :

  1. Configured with appropriate security credentials, with a user that has the PHP extended privilege enabled.
  2. Uploaded to FileMaker Server.
  3. Accessible via JSON formats from RESTfm

RESTfm is free and can be installed with no licence required.  Configuring and installing RESTfm is on the documentation on that website.  Support for installing and configuring of RESTfm is not included in the BaseElements licence, however paid support for RESTfm is available via the sponsor option.

We can also provide paid hosting on request.

Once your file is hosted and accessible, just add the server details to the configuration dialog.  Sync is then both PUSH and PULL and changes you make will be uploaded to the server and you can also download other peoples changes within that file.

RESTfm is also highly configurable, so it's possible to have other shared server locations that sync to a central file that users then pull clips from.


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