Choosing a different Style for an Object

Styles in FileMaker are a huge timesaver for making adjustments to a whole solution worth of items in one go.  But like lots of things in FileMaker, it's easy to accumulate Styles that are no longer in use.

I was developing in BaseElements and realised I had a different Style for the preferences icon, vs other icons in the toolbar :



So the icon on the right had slightly different highlights to the icon on the left.  Which wasn't good, I wanted them to be the same, and for any future changes to be picked up in both Objects.

So I needed to go through and select the Prefs icon, and choose the correct Style.  There's a lot of layouts in BE, but it's easy enough to do.  

So why would I use BaseElements to help here?

Because I have questions :

  1. Did I change them all, or did I accidentally skip a layout or mis some?
  2. Is this Prefs Style used somewhere else as well that I'm not aware of?
  3. What other Styles might I not be using?

Run a DDR of the solution, and import into BaseElements and what does it tell you ?



Your solution has 365 Styles in total and fully 238 of them are no longer being used.  It turns out that I had a whole Theme ( Enlightened ) that was still there and not being used, and a bunch of other Styles that weren't used.

I also was able to locate the "Prefs Icon" Style I had previously used and as you can see, it's now used on 0 objects.  It turns out I hadn't missed any when I did the changes, so I was able to delete this Style from my Theme.Screen_Shot_2018-11-01_at_2.54.05_pm.png

Every little bit counts, and not having an extra Style to choose from in the list makes it easier to develop in this solution, and makes the theme more efficient.


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