Registration Codes

After purchasing you will receive an email from our payment provider with the purchase details. You also receive a separate email with the registration details that you need to enter into the about screen in BaseElements. Copy the details into the dialog shown below and click "Register" to continue.

Registration codes sometimes take up to 24 hours to process, so you may not receive them straight away. If you have any issues with registration codes or purchase, contact us using the forms on the support page.

I used the demo and now I've purchased, where does the licence key go?

So you've tried out the demo, and you decide to purchase and now you've got a new registration key, but BaseElements just opens and doesn't show the dialog any more?

Or maybe you want to find your existing licence in BaseElements?

In the FileMaker Application Menu ( on the Mac ) or in the FileMaker Help Menu ( Mac and Windows ) there's an About BaseElements item.

FileMaker Application Menu :

FileMaker Help Menu : 

From there, the "About BaseElements..." item will open this dialog : 

On the bottom right of that dialog is the "Register" link.  Click on that to see the Registration page with the fields to enter your customer number and reg code.

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