Integration with other solutions

Accessing the BaseElements Data

All of the data in the BaseElements Data file is accessible by other FileMaker files. You can add TOs to your other solution files that point to the Base Tables in the Data file, and do whatever you want with the data.

Going to an Analysis from another solution

BaseElements also has some hooks for integrating other solutions that link into the data in BE. In the BaseElements UI file, there is a script called "Event: Go to Analysis" that you can call from other solutions and reference an Analysis directly. For example if you have a project management solution where you track all of the projects you're developing, you can use this script to refer to an Analysis that represents on of the projects in your project management database.

To use this script, call the script "Event: Go to Analysis" with the Analysis ID of the record that you want to refer to. This script does a GTRR to find a matching record with the same ID.

Going to any other data in the UI File

You can also go to any record in any of the Tables, inside the main UI file by calling a script with the parameters. The script does a find, so it can find either individual records or a found set.

The script is in the main BaseElements UI file, it's called "External: Go to Related Records". You can call this script with parameters to set which layout to go to and which fields to search, along with which values to find in those fields. This script is modifiable, so you can see for yourself what it does, and make changes if required. The bonus is that it won't be changed in future releases, so you can call this script from other files and it will remain the same.

The parameters are a list of values you want to use. The first item is the layout name. All of the remaining values are in name-value-pair format according to our previously published examples. So for example, to go to the layout called "MyReport" and search for "abc" in the field called "widgetname", you would use the following as your parameter :


There is a blog posting that documents this and includes links to sample files for you to use.

Exporting Data
You have full access within the main BaseElements_Data file to all of the menus, including exports.  

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