Version History

BaseElements 21.0.0 - Released 27th June 2024

  • Added support for all the v21 features including LLM and AI script steps and functions.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

BaseElements 20.0.0 - Released 22nd May 2023

  • Final 20.0 release

BaseElements 20.0b2 - Released 9th May 2023

  • Added an alert when importing offline files ( dropbox etc ) which are effectively zero byte files.
  • Fixed an issue when importing steps : references to FileMaker fields would show errors for missing fields if the path was a variable instead of a direct file.

BaseElements 20.0b1 - Released 1st May 2023

  • Added support for FileMaker Pro 20.1
  • Added support for server side imports on Linux FMS servers ( x86 only for now ).
  • Improved the plugin install functions for linux.
  • Fixed an issue where new functions would appear as plugin steps.

BaseElements 19.6.0 - Released 12th December 2022. 

  • Added support for 19.6 new features.

BaseElements 19.5.0 - Released 23rd June 2022.

  • Added support for 19.5 new features.
  • Fixes an issue with pasting into the Clip Manager.
  • Other minor fixes.

BaseElements 19.4.0 - Released 10th December 2021.

  • There were intermittent releases of v19 in beta and also later versions during 2021, but this was the first final release.
  • Compatible with all the new functionality introduced in FileMaker 19 including script steps and functions.
  • New main layout UI :
    • WebViewer based location tab allowing hierarchies.
    • Returned the back/forward buttons to the main toolbar.
    • New Icons
    • New sort to show latest import and group by Solution in the list
    • Added ability to re-import only a solution, not all analyses
    • Added favourites that remain even if the solutions are deleted
  • Improved layout of the Change report, with new copy functions.
    • Temporarily removed the ThemeBuilder and Top Call log report, they'll come back in a future release.
  • New Tools
    • Brought SQL into it's own location for more prominence
    • Also added Script Tree for dependency tracing
    • Clips
  • Lots of little fixes and changes

BaseElements 18.0.7 - Released 4th March 2020.

  • Fixes an issue with running the comparison report from an Analysis and the File list not showing up.
  • Fixes tab orders in the reports layouts.

BaseElements 18.0.6 - Released 19th February 2020.

  • Minor fixes.

BaseElements 18.0.5 - Released 18th October 2019.

  • Fixes an issue with the links to fields used in Sorts.
  • Updates the plugin to include a version that is signed and notarised by Apple for Mac OS Catalina support.

BaseElements 18.0.4 - Released 11th September 2019.

  • Removes the extended privilege for WebDirect.
  • Adds the Text part of the Insert Text script step into the StepText, so it appears in the QuickFind.

BaseElements 18.0.3 - Released 2nd September 2019.

  • Fixes an issue with imports not working outside the user folder, in the startup volume on Mac.

BaseElements 18.0.2 - Released 14th August 2019.

  • Updates the plugin to 4.1.2.
  • Fixes an issue with the Mac runtime not working because of a new signing requirement, and a broken runtime build in FMPA 18.0.2.

BaseElements 18.0.1 - Released 4th August 2019.

  • Fixes an issue with the ThemeBuilder Report not styling objects correctly.

BaseElements 18.0.0 - Released 1st August 2019.

  • Support for FileMaker Pro 18 new features, including new Script Steps and new calculation functions.  BaseElements 18 will still run under FileMaker 17, and import a DDR created in any version of FMPA from 7 to 18.

New Features

  • New ThemeBuilder Report for creating a modern theme from a Classic layout.
  • Adds the ability to sync your ClipManager clips to a server, and share other people's clips.
  • New Statistics page for overall solution data.
  • Adds support for field formatting options such us currency on layouts.
  • Adds extra layouts for Script Triggers.
  • Adds the ability to Re-import an existing solution.
  • Added a popover of recent imports with a Re-import option.
  • Cleaned up the layout list to make it more useable and removed the Elements popover now as it's redundant.
  • Added a portal for viewing all calculations used in a Privilege Set.
  • Added extra links directly calculations used in Privilege Sets.

Minor Changes

  • Added extra GTRR support for fields used in Relationships.
  • Added the ability to pick up words in files as suggested Solution Names on import.

BaseElements 18.0.0b1 - Released 28th May 2019

  • First beta release. 

BaseElements 17.0.8 - Released 24th January 2019

  • Fixes an import issue for many tables due to the wrong XSLT being included for some imports.
  • Fixes an issue with importing on external volumes on Mac OS.

BaseElements 17.0.7 - Released 17th January 2019

If you're using 17.0.7 please replace it with 17.0.8, it has an issue with the XSLT meaning some data is missing or not imported correctly, so you should not be using it to analyse solutions.

  • Adds custom coding for the down arrow keys for menu shortcuts so they appear properly.
  • Adds a "dmt_import" account, with password "dmt_import" which only has access to do data migration.  ( not of any use until the next release, when you'll be able to import from 17.0.7 into the next version via DMT. )
  • Added support for copy paste of Themes.
  • Some fixes and dialogs for errors when writing the Clip Manager file.
  • Some fixes for Quick Find using fmSearchResults - should also be slightly faster.
  • Fixes an issue with imports on external Mac volumes.
  • Removes the GetNthRecord function from Indirection notifications.

BaseElements 17.0.6 - Released 2nd November 2018

  • Fixes an issue where tags would be picked up in some email addresses.
  • Fixes an issue where empty tags would be imported.

BaseElements 17.0.5 - Released 1st November 2018

  • Fixes an issue doing server side imports.  Thanks to all the testers for their patience.
  • Adds the ability to manually create and edit Clips, and change the types.  So you can store text from anywhere, modify it and then copy it to the clipboard.  Even copy from a Mac to a Windows format if required.
  • Fixes an issue with pasting into the Clip Manager.
  • Added scroll bars to the Clip XML fields.

BaseElements 17.0.3 - Released 20th October 2018

  • Fixes some import issues.

BaseElements 17.0.3 - Released 12th September 2018

  • Adds a Server Log layout to the data file so you can view server side import details and errors.
  • Adds a dialog for plugin install issues when processing server side.
  • Adjusts the progress text for "Importing on Server" to change when an import doesn't complete.
  • Fixes an issue with importing using the 3.x version of the plugin where it would report replaced invalid XML but would output the wrong file and throw an XML error.

BaseElements 17.0.2 - Released 6th September 2018

  • Adds the ability to diff two Clip Manager items, by making a multiple selection with the shift key.
  • Adds the ability to paste Object XML to the Clip Manager.
  • Fixes an issue importing server side on Windows.
  • Fixes a GTRR issue for steps on Script references where you'd end up on the wrong record.

BaseElements 17.0.1 - Released 17th August 2018

  • Improved import performance of solutions with lots of variables.
  • Added a performance alert for set variables that reference themselves, to alert you to places where a Insert Calculated Result might be faster ( see for more information. )
  • Added a name sort order to the import of Custom Functions
  • Changed the layout duplicate name comparison to only work on layouts, not groups. 
  • Fixed an issue with sorting in the Step Tracing portal.
  • Fixed an issue with diffs in Script Steps.
  • Fixed an issue with pasting into the Clip Manager.
  • Fixes an issue where some Alerts might not show up.
  • Fixes a hiding issue on the icons on the prefs dialog.
  • Fixes an issue where email addresses in text would be picked up as Tags.  Tags now must either start at the beginning of the text block, be at the start of a new line, or have a preceding space.
  • Turned script editing back on in the UI file so you can add your own scripts.
  • Tweaked the translations to have the English value for when there's not yet an equivalent translated value.
  • Added thousand separators to the counts.
  • Expanded the places that can be diff'ed in the change report.
  • Fixed an issue where warning and error counts for ValueLists were swapped.
  • Fixed an issue where the description for change reports wasn't be created.

BaseElements 17.0.0 - Released 31st July 2018

New FileMaker Pro 17 Compatibility Support in the DDR :

  • New 17 Script Steps.
  • New 17 Functions.
  • Variables in steps such as Show Custom Dialog, and Insert From URL.
  • Perform Script by Name - ( A bug in the DDR causes no references for Script Names to be included in the DDR so we can't show references ).

New Features

  • New Clip Manager, allows you to store copied objects from FileMaker in BaseElements.
  • New option for Server side imports using Perform Script on Server.  Sample imports are 2/3 faster compared to a regular import when hosted via FileMaker Server.
  • Adds the ability to pick up "Tags" in text, formatted as per
  • Adds a StepState import to identify each individual setting in Script Steps.
  • Includes references to Plugin Script Steps.
  • Links directly to named objects in Go To Object or Refresh Object steps.
  • Adds a set of layouts and a privilege set for accessing all of the BaseElements data via the Data API or via RESTfm.  Includes modifiable layouts so you can adjust which information shows up in your API.
  • Added the “Fixed” checkbox to all the list layouts and now when you check the fixed box, it will reduce by 1 the counts at the File and Analysis level, so you know when all your errors are fixed.
  • Added Script Tracing so you go deep into script dependencies.
  • Now using Perform Script on Server when hosted for deletes, for faster deleting that doesn't lock up the interface.
  • Adds the ability to turn off errors and warnings, so that you can decide which things to get alerts about, and which to ignore.
  • Added a Relationships tab to Tables, so you can see which relationships have delete and create turned on for every TO for this current table.
  • Added more detail to the Privileges tab for Fields so you can see at a glance the detail of the privileges for a field, including a popover for the calculations, if used.
  • Adds the ability to copy elements directly from a Change report.


  • No longer removes invalid XML characters from the original DDR file, so you can go back and locate them if BE has warned that they exist.
  • Shows an error for missing Calculation references for Perform Script by Name.
  • Updated the Paste function to break multiple paste items into a individual records.
  • Added progress dialogs for the Consolidation and Comparison reports.


  • Fixed an issue where match field for an import wouldn't count as a reference.
  • Fix an issue where runtimes couldn't check the registration code.
  • Fixes an issue where the changes report would have missing data for Layout Base Table changes.

BaseElements 16.0.10 - Released 15th May 2018

  • Resolves an issue where some custom CSS wouldn't be imported.

BaseElements 16.0.9 - Released 17th April 2018

  • Fixes an issue where you would get a registration expired warning a month early.

BaseElements 16.0.8 - Released 8th March 2018

  • Lots of minor layout positioning and overlap fixes.
  • Adds warnings for missing script SQL.
  • Fixes an issue where some objects wouldn't import the Style CSS.

BaseElements 16.0.7 - Released 2nd March 2018

  • Add "go to File links" to all the main layouts.
  • Adds the file name to the field list layout.
  • Fixes a slowness issue with the TopCallLog report import.
  • Adds an option to go to a Field directly from the Top Call Log report.
  • Fixes an issue displaying field names in Object Lists.
  • Fixes an issue with Field Objects showing a missing field, where there wasn't a real error.

BaseElements 16.0.6 - Released 18th December 2017

  • Adds tooltips to portal buttons so you can better see related data without having to click through to the object.
  • Added the TOG ( Table Occurrence Group ) field to a few more places, as well as a Tooltip to explain what it is.
  • Added a button to go to the list of all the TOs in a Group from any one TO.
  • Big Improvements to the way references to scripts are shown, including a separate Triggers layout, and much simplified links.
  • Added a field for "Outside Layout Width" which records when objects are in the non-visible part of the layout.
  • Updates to the translations.

BaseElements 16.0.5 - Released 10th October 2017

  • Resolves some minor layout issues.
  • Adds a natural language version of the command shortcuts for menu items.
  • Fixes an issue with Script Steps not reporting WebDirect compatibility properly.
  • Fixes an issue where the GTRR on TOs from the EDS didn't work.
  • Added the File References IN this file and TO this file to the Files layout.
  • Added back the option to view an SQL conversion of an existing FileMaker Table.
  • Added the fmwebdirect, fmextscriptaccess, and fmurlscript Extended Privileges to the main login account privilege sets.  
  • Fixes an issue with copying Scripts to the clipboard.
  • Adds a filter to the Objects portals.
  • Improves the way the View As List option works on all the filtered lists.

BaseElements 16.0.4 - Released 11th September 2017 

  • Fixes an issue with plugins not being analysed.

BaseElements 16.0.3 - Released 15th August 2017 

  • Fixes some false furigana issues.
  • Added some placeholder text to make find mode easier.
  • Updated the display of data around steps to make things clearer.
  • Updated the plugin to 3.3.6 to fix an issue with importing in some Japanese OS versions.

BaseElements 16.0.1 - Released 8th August 2017 

  • Fixes an issue with Placeholder text not being analysed.
  • Fixes an issue with the Top Call Stats report not working properly.

BaseElements 16.0.0 - Released 27th July 2017 

  • Only minor tweaks since b6.

BaseElements 16.0.0b6 - Released 23rd June 2017 

Big changes to the way that the Referenced by are shown.  Each reference now has a parent and grand parent, and better displays the type of reference.  As well, for those with only a parent ( i.e. CF references ) the fields expand to the full width of the portal.

  • Fixes an issue with re-registering with annual after using a perpetual.
  • Cleans up some of the TO reference counts, including for Relationships.
  • Stops counting duplicate folders.

BaseElements 16.0.0b5 - Released 23rd May 2017 

Lots of little fixes.

  • Fixes to the GTRR for search results going to the wrong window
  • Close window bugs, closing the whole file.
  • BE UI file not closing during imports.
  • Addition of a warning for duplicate layouts and scripts.

BaseElements 16.0.0b4 - Released 17th May 2017 

  • Lots of tweaks to the registration process for the new Annual licences.

BaseElements 16.0.0b1 - Released 10th May 2017 

New Features for FileMaker 16

  • Full FileMaker 16 new feauture compatibility.
  • Still runs in FileMaker 14 or later.
  • Runtime now built with FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.
  • New Annual Licencing option to match FileMaker release schedules.

Other New Features

  • Weekly update checking built in.
  • New Top Call Statistics Import Report with links to Analysis elements.
  • Additional option to copy Value Lists from BaseElements back into FileMaker.
  • New Notes button on List and Form views.
  • Mark As Fixed field on Alerts tab.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Simple view and filter options for Used and Referenced portals
  • View As List button for portals.
  • Lots more info in Used By portals.
  • File field added to relevant portals.

BaseElements 15.0.6 - Released 9th March 2017 

  • Darkens the main font colour.
  • Reports a count of altered invalid characters when preprocessing the DDR.
  • Reduces memory use to fix some imports on 32bit machines.
  • Fixes a GTRR issue with Referenced By for External Data Sources.
  • Fixes a GTRR issue for Unreferenced Layouts.
  • Added back the minimum version and Encryption Type to the File Options import.
  • Added back the Layout Number field.
  • Fixes an issue with some object and step errors not being reported.
  • Fixes an issue where some invalid XML characters wouldn't be removed from some files.
  • Updates the BE plugin to 3.3.4

BaseElements 15.0.5 - Released 16th December 2016 

  • Fixes a complicated issue that prevented some very large DDRs from importing.
  • Adds more error reporting for Triggers.
  • Adds the option key new window function to the Form View button.
  • Adds GTRR options for Scripts for Triggers on Layouts.
  • Fixes an issue with ampersand characters in file names not importing.
  • Fixes an issue with hiding stored registration details when hosted.
  • Fixes an issue with GTRR on TableOccurrences from Fields.
  • Fixes an issue with the quickfind not showing results for large found sets.
  • Fixes the checkboxes for AutoResize.

BaseElements 15.0.4 - Released 25th October 2016

  • Fixes an issue with Copy and Paste not working.
  • Fixes an issue with Custom Menus always appearing in the Change Report.
  • Added GTRR for Styles in the Changes report.
  • Fixes an issue with Privilege Access levels being recorded as Extended Privileges in the Changes report.
  • Change the Access levels element of the change report to only show changes not all elements.
  • Change some of the Change Report elements to show names instead of numbers.
  • Fixes a broken GTRR on ValueList references in some places.
  • Remove own field references from the Unreferenced count for Fields.
  • Fixes some issues with data for Objects not imported correctly.
  • Fixes an issue with the Field Data type for Join Predicates.
  • Correctly shows the counts for TO references in Relationships.
  • Fixes the conditional formatting of counts for References to better adapt to larger numbers.
  • Fixes a reg script for saving the registration details in a hosted file.
  • Fixes copy and paste of some items.

BaseElements 15.0.3 - Released 23 September 2016

  • Add direct links to elements in the Script Step portal, and on the main Step layout.
  • Fixes an issue with inaccurate flags for Objects and ScriptTriggers.
  • Improves the references for Script Steps.
  • Adds a reference for Fields in the Import Orders.
  • Clarifies the Target Table for Imports.
  • Adds fields for the Objects to display Layout vs Table visibility.
  • Fixes an issue where errors for fields missing a Value List wouldn't appear.
  • Improves the handling for elements used in Menus.
  • Adds a portal for Calculations to Menus and MenuItems.
  • Adds a portal for the Table Access settings to the Table form.
  • Adds more detail around Privilege Set elements in the Change Report.
  • Fixes a bunch of issues around identifying the parent of calculations on Layout Objects.

BaseElements 15.0.2 - Released 12 August 2016

  • Fix an XML processing issue.

BaseElements 15.0.1 - Released 10 August 2016

  • Updated all the current translation text.
  • Updated the reference details to be cleared about what is referenced.
  • Adds an active display for current record in list view.
  • Fixed an Furigana false error.
  • Adds back in a Step Text field at the Script level.
  • Fixes some quick search issues.
  • Allow all Extended Privileges to be deleted.
  • Update the Alerts for Themes to not show Style related issues.
  • Fix a Smart Find issue in Files.
  • A bunch of other minor UI tweaks and enhancements.

BaseElements 15.0.0 - Released 21 July 2016

  • Everything is new.
  • Complete UI re-think.
  • New faster import process.

BaseElements 4.6.4 - Released 1 August 2016

  • Adds support for v15 licence codes for registration.

BaseElements 4.6.3 - Released 22 December 2015

  • Updates the plugin to 3.1.3 to resolve an issue with errors when importing.

BaseElements 4.6.2 - Released 26th August 2015

  • Fixes an issue with false GroupButton errors coming through.

BaseElements 4.6.1 - Released 10th July 2015

  • Fixes an issue with the buttons portal on Layouts not showing the new button types.

BaseElements 4.6.0 - Released 1st June 2015

  • Adds support for new functionality in FMP 14.
  • Updates the plugin to install either 32 or 64bit on Windows.
  • Rebuild the runtime with FMPA 14v1.

BaseElements 4.5.5 - Released 19th December 2014

  • Adds a TO reference for the start TO of a field's lookup options.
  • Fix an issue with the import of BaseDirectory data.
  • Fix an issue where ESS fields could be marked as "Index Required".
  • Update the plugin to 3.0.0.
  • Build with FileMaker Pro Advanced 13v4.

BaseElements 4.5.3 - Released 9th September 2014

  • Update the plugin to 2.3.1.

BaseElements 4.5.2 - Released 15th July 2014

  • Update the plugin to 2.3.0.
  • Fix an issue where the Privilege Set Menu Commands weren't coming in.
  • Fix an issue where some style information wasn't imported.

BaseElements 4.5.1 - Released 17th March 2014

  • Update the plugin to resolve an issue on importing some DDRs where it would report an error.
  • Add the custom style name to the Object table.

BaseElements 4.5.0 - Released 13th February 2014

  • Support for new FileMaker 13 features : Dialog Step button calcuations, Popover content, Object Visibility Calculations, Tab Object Calculations etc.
  • Added Layout width.
  • Added Layout Theme name.
  • Added Layout Show Record Indicator.
  • Added Layout Show Field Frames Current Record.
  • Added File Minimum Version.
  • Added File Encryption Type.
  • Made the Reduce File Size option permanent.
  • Fix some issues with marking items as fixed.
  • Updated the plugin to 2.2.0b2

BaseElements 4.0.7 - Released 13th June 2013

  • Auto enter the Solution Name as file name for single file solutions.
  • Fix an issue where Table data wouldn't import.

BaseElements 4.0.6 - Released 23rd April 2013

  • Fixes an issue where the portal filters wouldn't update.
  • Fixed an issue where there would be a single whole Analysis error.
  • Fixed an issue where going to a relationship error would show all records.
  • Fixed an issue where the step errors wouldn't fix.
  • Tweaked the code for detecting empty calculations.
  • Updated the runtime plugin to 2.0.1.
  • Auto update to the 2.0.1 plugin version.

BaseElements 4.0.5 - Released 10th April 2013

  • Updated the runtime version to FMP 12v3.
  • Added text to display the missing references text for Calculations.
  • Added a conditional formatting for Calculation errors in Script Steps.
  • Changed the code to report missing references in calculated XSL Steps as a warning instead of an error.
  • Fixed an issue where unknown errors in Script Steps would only have been picked up on English DDRs.
  • Fixed an issue where marking a calc error as fixed would fail.
  • Changed the code for calculation errors to highlight bold for unfixed and not bold for fixed.
  • Fixed a layout issue when going to a ScriptTrigger.
  • Fixed the link on the ScriptTrigger layout to go to Scripts.
  • Fixed an issue with the import where ScriptTriggers wouldn't have the correct layout details.
  • Removed Layout separators the from the Layout Object comparisons.
  • Fixed an issue with comparisons of ScriptTriggers.
  • Changed the Layout Object comparison to only list the total items, not individual ones.
  • Fixed an Window Trigger import issue.
  • Added an option to reduce the file size of the XML before processing.
  • Updated the plugin to version 2.0.1.

BaseElements 4.0.2 - Released 24th July 2012

  • Fixed an issue where notes weren't being imported from previous versions.
  • Fixed an issue where field imports would fail on certain characters in the Auto Enter values.
  • Updated the Svenska and Japanese translation for all the new v4 features.

BaseElements 4.0.1 - Released 3rd July 2012

  • Added a warning for ODBC reserved words used in Fields or Tables.
  • Added extra warning total fields to the File Warning tab.
  • Fixed an issue where marking a Step as Fixed would alter the indent level.
  • Fixed an issue where some registration codes would give a false "Previous Version" error.

BaseElements 4.0.0 - Released 6th June 2012

Support for FileMaker Pro 12

  • Adds support for new Container BaseDirectory Options, and a portal to show them at the File level.
  • Adds support for File level Script Triggers, and a portal to show them at the File level.
  • Adds support for Custom Menu Condition calculations, and extra portals to show the calculations.
  • Adds new File level container storage fields.
  • Include the CSS used for Layout Objects.

New Features

  • Added the Ability to Copy Fields, Tables, Steps and Scripts directly out of BaseElements into other solutions.
  • Includes the ability to mark errors as fixed which removes red highlighting on names, and reduced the total error count.
  • Adds a "Highlight" option to highlight the name of items that then show everywhere else.
  • Added a new Script Trigger Form and List view Layout.
  • Added new Portals to show the Access level in Privileges for Fields, Scripts and Layouts.
  • Added a tab on the Step detail to view the included XML, and allow copying of Steps to the clipboard.
  • New Rollover effects for buttons on linked items, portals, lists, the main UI buttons and tabs.
  • Automatically generates SQL for a table definition, based on the fields and data types in the table.

Small Things

  • Added a Layout Number field.
  • Removed the file processing step for a DDR generated by FMP 12 or later.
  • Added an Indirection check for using Go to Layout by calculation, or Set Field by Name.
  • Added an alert for a permissions error when importing.
  • Improves the operation of the Partial Consolidation report.
  • Hides the About window on the Mac.
  • The Quickfind Highlight now works in every multi line field on the layout.
  • The Quickfind Highlight is now case insensitive.
  • Added a recursion check to the Perform Script steps so that Scripts that only call themselves are marked Unreferenced.
  • Added buttons to the File, Layout and Object Trigger portals to go to the Trigger records directly.
  • Added code to the import for Steps to record the original XML.
  • Added a tab to the Steps detail to view the included XML.
  • Added a GrandParent Name to the Calculation data for view step Scripts etc.
  • Fixed some display issues with types of Calculations and their parents.
  • Added a Trigger to capture the Escape key outside fields on the Analysis setup layout.
  • Fixed the sorting so it doesn't keep alternating order, only when you sort on the field a second time.
  • Added code to save the search window position between restarts.
  • Updated the FMGo Compatibility Report to include the new version 12.

BaseElements 3.5.2 - Released 10th August 2012

  • Fixes an issue where auto enter constant data wouldn't import.

BaseElements 3.5.1 - Released 16th April 2012

  • Fixes an issue with paths that caused false errors.

BaseElements 3.5.0 - Released 5th April 2012

  • For compatibility with FileMaker Pro 12 :
  • Adds an import for File level Script Triggers.
  • Adds an import for Container BaseDirectory Options.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong field for the TO used in an Auto Enter calc was showing on the layout.
  • Added extra details to show the type of object in the object list.
  • New scripts to turn sharing on or off.
  • Fixed an issue where the calculation for layout objects wouldn't show the actual type.
  • Fixed an broken field in the Field Object portal.
  • Fixed an issue where Script Triggers weren't deleted along with each Analysis.

BaseElements 3.0.11 - Released 7th September 2011

  • Added an external script for accessing BaseElements data from other systems.
  • Modified the list layouts to have alternating backgrounds.
  • Added a 2px indent to fields on list layouts.
  • Added more detail about reference types to the field object portals.
  • Fixed a bunch of item count issues.
  • Updated the FileMaker Go Report to include the changes in 1.2
  • Updated the plugin to version 1.2.1

BaseElements 3.0.10 - Released 9th June 2011

  • Fixed an issue with adding notes to the found set.
  • Fixed an issue with the calculation for determining if a calc is completely commented out.
  • Added an script in the main file to set the multi-user status on or off.
  • Fixed issues with References not importing correctly from previous versions.
  • Removed the count of references only used in import steps.
  • Fixed an issue where Privilege Sets used in Scripts but not accounts would be marked as Unreferenced.
  • Fixes some GTRR links for Layout Objects in the fmSearchResults dialog.
  • Fixes an issue with importing files with & in the filename.
  • Fixes an issue where the portal of layout objects for value list usage showed the wrong field.
  • Adds a GTRR link for a bunch of the error and warning counts on the File layout.
  • Fixed a display issue with portals on the Menu Item layout.
  • Added Auto-complete options to the fields on the new import layout.
  • Changed the way unreferenced works with Layouts to exclude layouts with multiple “-” in the name, not just separator layouts.
  • Fixed an issue where the layout used for an On Open File Setting would be marked as unreferenced.
  • Set the window to close any Search windows when closing the last main window.
  • Reset the default window size when opening new on un-maximised windows.
  • Added a save for the last search window position using global fields.

BaseElements 3.0.9 - Released 1st March 2011

  • Fixed an issue where escape on the Analysis details dialog wouldn’t exit properly.
  • Added code to check for missing data via invalid XML and extra details to the dialog to identify which files.
  • Added a yellow highlight for text that matches the QuickFind text on Calculations, Scripts and Script Steps.
  • Added more code to pick up “I/O warning : failed to load external entity” errors in the CSV import and switch to Xalan. This will fix issues with apostrophes in paths amongst other things.
  • Added the FMNameID function to the UI and Data files.
  • Added an import for TabControl layout objects.
  • Added a field for all of the tab names and object names for a TabControl object.
  • Added a Custom icon for the Runtime app.
  • Fixed the import from previous version field mappings.
  • Added a field to show the index state in Join Predicates.
  • Added code to position new windows down and right by 20 pixels when not maximised.
  • Set a max of 200 characters for error dialog text.
  • Fixed the window flash when deleting an Analysis.

BaseElements 3.0.8 - Released 19th January 2011

  • Added drop down lists to the Solution Name and Client Name fields for import details.
  • Fixed an issue with the import of ESS base tables.
  • Fixed an issue where file names for variables wouldn’t display.
  • Fixed an issue where filepaths with \r in them would be improperly escaped and wouldn’t import.
  • Fixed an issue where files with spaces or apostrophes in the name wouldn’t import.
  • Changed the error for References missing in ODBC items to a warning.

BaseElements 3.0.7 - Released 17th December 2010

  • Added auto checking for standard libxsl errors and switching to XML imports.
  • Added more dialogs and checks for errors in the import process.
  • Added error checking for translated versions of Field and Table missing errors.
  • Altered the csv import option to properly import items with quote marks in the name.
  • Fixed issues with importing of Sort data and relationships.
  • Fixed issues with importing on FileVault volumes.
  • Fixed a display issue with the tabs on ValueLists.
  • Fixed some issues with the right side TO in relationships not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where you would get a dialog during the running of a Consolidation Report.
  • Changed some of the display of count fields on the Analysis and File layouts.
  • Fixed an issue with the import order of field data.
  • Fixed an issue where the File Options data wouldn’t import.

BaseElements 3.0.6 - Released 22nd October 2010

  • Fixed some issues where filenames with high ascii characters wouldn’t import with the Xalan option.
  • Added Uppercase to the plugin exclusion list.
  • Fixed an issue where plugin names had a 1 on the end.

BaseElements 3.0.5 - Released 7th October 2010

  • Changed the import process for setting Analysis ID and Field ID to work better with non alphanumeric filenames.
  • Added an option on the Setup tab for which xsl engine to use on the import.
  • Added ValueLists to the Items Used tab for fields.
  • Added a Fields Tab to ValueLists to point to the Fields that use VL Validation - thanks Dan Smith.
  • Added more error checks to the import process on writing out xsl for file and file options.
  • Added an extra check for the GTRR for all items when there are no records - Thanks Kevin Frank.
  • Added the UniversalPathList to the step import.
  • Added extra processing to the step import so that it’s including variables used in the UniversalPathList.
  • Added a conditional reference option so that fields used only in imports record where they’re used, but they don’t count towards unreferenced.
  • Added an alert if you select something other than a summary.xml file - Thanks Ward Clark.
  • Fixed some issues where variables used in script steps wouldn’t be referenced.

BaseElements 3.0.4 - Released 23rd September 2010

  • Updated the FileMaker Go Compatibility report for the changes in FileMaker Go 1.1.
  • Fixed an issue where the fields used by another field may not have shown the correct field names.
  • Included a universal build of the BaseElements plugin and a minor update to the windows build. The universal build allows use on PPC platforms.

BaseElements 3.0.3 - Released 22nd September 2010

  • Added the ability to import the Font names for layout objects.
  • Added checkboxes to Scripts and Steps for compatibility with “Web, Server, FMGo and Runtime”, as well as fixing the highlighting for these in the step portal.
  • Completely changed the import methods on Windows.
  • Changed the way the windows behave on Windows so that it hides the Data window after imports when not maximised.
  • Fixed a GTRR with the Fields portal on the Files Layout.
  • Corrected a typo in the XSLT that was causing issues when importing on windows.
  • Fixed an issue with GTRR for Relationship Errors.
  • Fixed an issue where some script steps wouldn’t have any references.
  • Fixed an issue with the Privilege Set model where turning Smart Find off made no difference.
  • Made changes to the back and forward to better return to the active tab object.

BaseElements 3.0.2 - Released 31st August 2010

  • Changed the way the close window works so that it doesn’t close all the search windows, just the current one.
  • Fixed issues with the fmSearchResults not going to the correct item for objects and some other items.
  • Added the ability to put the link from fmSearchResults up in a new window.
  • Added in a test version of the Import From Previous script to the Scripts Menu in the Data file.
  • Fixed an issue where fields used in Summary Fields weren’t being identified.

BaseElements 3.0.1 - Released 26th August 2010

  • Fixed an issue with the GTRR button in Custom Functions not working.
  • Turned allow user abort off in the print process.
  • Fixed the Recursion checkbox in Custom Functions.
  • Changed the triggers used to display the location and the notes details.
  • Removed the notes from the list and table views.
  • Changed most of the error counts to only show increment one error for multiple errors in referenced items.
  • Changed the Relationship to consider a missing Field to only count one error.
  • Fixed an issue where the fields used in Relationships wouldn’t show an field name.
  • Removed the “Filter XML” option in lieu of always processing only v11 DDRs.
  • Added a file by file display to the processing dialog.
  • Changed the import code to URL Encode all filenames to allow higher ascii characters such as accents, umlauts in filenames. This should also resolve issues with Japanese language files.
  • Added a portal for Script Triggers used on Layouts.
  • Fixed some GTRR issues for Layout Items Used.
  • Fixed an issue where triggers for Scripts weren’t showing, and could be marked as unreferenced.

BaseElements 3.0.0 - Released 17th August 2010

New Features

  • Updated for the new FileMaker 11 features, including graphs, layout groups and more.
  • Copy of Custom Functions out of BaseElements for pasting directly back into FileMaker Pro.
  • New runtime built with FileMaker 11 v2 for the latest fixes and updates.
  • An interface overhaul with a new top navigation bar and much simplified design.
  • Sharing enabled by default for all users, not just site licences.
  • New BaseElements plugin, built to handle our advanced import process as well as dialogs and text processing.
  • New Smart Find feature using Privileges to limit you to one Analysis at a time to make searching easier and quicker.
  • Now imports all the text in all places so you can search your entire solution from one place.
  • Added XML preprocessing option to work around invalid DDR XML - BaseElements can import almost anything.
  • New Minimum Required FMP version for calculations and Script Steps.
  • Print layouts for every list.
  • New note Tags with colour styling.

Interface Enhancements

  • Conditionally formatted tabs, so only active tabs are highlighted.
  • Fields that are inactive dim so you’re only presented with the most relevant information.
  • No more id fields on layouts.
  • Replaced the built in Quick Find with the much better fmSearchResults for faster, more useful finds.
  • Updated the GTRR steps to be smarter about which layout it lands on, lists for > 1 record, form view for only one.
  • Moved the notes to it’s own tab on the main form so you don’t need to switch layouts.
  • More options for layout objects.
  • Much smarter and more consistent Items Used portals.

Other Changes

  • Added errors for missing File Option scripts, Layouts or MenuSets.
  • More GTRR options for the Steps Portal.
  • Integrated the four reference tables into a single table.
  • Setup a fast processing of Table Occurrence groups.

BaseElements 2.6.8 - Released 10th August 2010

  • Update the registration code to accept BE v3 licences.
  • Updated the file plugin to include Troi File 5.0.
  • Updated the dialog plugin to include Troi Dialog 5.5.

BaseElements 2.6.7 - Released 15th April 2010

  • Fixed an issue with the v11 warning dialog coming up under FMP v10.

BaseElements 2.6.6 - Released 7th April 2010

  • Fixed an issue with the import of Additional Summary Fields where it would incorrectly report an error for the default TO.

BaseElements 2.6.5 - Released 18th March 2010

  • Completed language translations for German, Swedish, French and Japanese.
  • Added a warning when opening in FMP 11 or later.
  • Changed the option for smart quotes to off by default.
  • Removed the record delete/new from the home layouts that don’t require it.
  • Fixed an issue with the encoding of the XSLT that may have prevented importing in some cases.

BaseElements 2.6.4 - Released 3 February 2010

  • Added more plugins to the default plugin list.
  • Removed the shortcut on View As From to resolve a conflict with Find/Replace.
  • Some minor layout tweaks.
  • Fixed the layout when searching for some text that doesn’t exist.
  • Change the minimum character search to 2 characters.
  • Fixed a regression where CustomFormatting was referenced as Tooltips.
  • Added the Unreferenced checkbox for the layout to the related object layouts.
  • Fixed issues with the comparison of Menu Items not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the warning for relationship field type mismatch wasn’t adding up to the summary.
  • Fixed an issue in the comparison report where it wasn’t comparing field details.

BaseElements 2.6.3 - Released 21 January 2010

  • Fixed an issue with the file plugin that meant some Summary files couldn’t be selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the comparison report wasn’t comparing script steps or layout objects.
  • Fixed an issue in the comparison report when finding new Custom Menus.

BaseElements 2.6.2 - Released 17 December 2009

  • Tweaked the fmSearchResults list to allow easier scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue where the import from previous wouldn’t work.

BaseElements 2.6.1 - Released 16 December 2009

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the XSLT files being generated.

BaseElements 2.6.0 - Released 14 November 2009

  • Completed all of the localisation setup to allow multiple language support.
  • Added Fast, Global search using fmSearchResults.
  • Added a True/False search for Validation message.
  • Changed the comparison report to use summary field parts.
  • Added more detail to the error report to show details for Calculations, CustomFunctions, Objects and Steps.
  • Changed the comparison report to allow you to compare two files in the same Analysis.
  • Added lots more quick links from the Script view to individual items in the step.
  • Fixed the print for reports to not alter the sort order so that the summary parts are retained.
  • Added more lookup option fields.
  • Added an interface for the localisation options so that you can edit the existing languages and see where each item is used.
  • Added a script to clear out globals like the search on window close.
  • Added support for FMGrowler for growl notifications inside FileMaker. You need to have the plugin installed for this to work.
  • Changed the location of the XSLT export to the users App Support folder.
  • Fixed an issue where Summary field options were reporting errors they shouldn’t.
  • Added an unreferenced search to the step list.
  • Updated the Troi File plugin to version 4.6.2.
  • Added the Troi Dialog plugin for optional translated dialogs - version 5.1.0.
  • Updated the runtime to version 10v3 of FileMaker Pro.

BaseElements 2.5.2 - Released 15 April 2009

  • Fixed an issue with the Error report showing false errors or unreferenced items.

BaseElements 2.5.1 - Released 12 February 2009

  • Added a field for “Preview” mode for script triggers.
  • Added the ability to import from either runtime or fp7 files in either version.
  • Added more detail to the error dialog for importing previous versions.
  • Added more detail to the error dialog for imports.
  • Fixed an issue where Field Auto Enter Constant Data wasn’t imported.
  • Fixed some issues with TO References not being imported, esp for Custom Functions.
  • Added a Custom Function tab to the TO layout.

BaseElements 2.5.0 - Released 7 January 2009

New Features

  • Added compatibility with FileMaker Pro 10. BE 2.5 now imports Script Trigger information from the DDR
  • Added a ‘Quick Goto’ option, using the new Script Trigger action.
  • Some minor fixes and tweaks.

BaseElements 2.1.1 - Released 13 November 2008


  • Fixed an issue with the plugin where some Summary.xml files couldn’t be selected to import.
  • Fixed an issue with the Unreferenced count for fields.

BaseElements 2.1.0 - Released 11 November 2008

New Features

  • Added a “Sorted” field to the Relationship table.
  • Added Conditional Formatted underlines to the related item counts.
  • Added a filter option to the main portal on the Home screen.
  • Added a checkbox for recursive Custom Functions.
  • Changed the way CF and Field references work so they don’t include references to themselves in the “Unreferenced” checkbox.
  • Added a check and warning for running on the DMG disk.
  • Added an import for all File References, used anywhere in scripts.
  • Added a “Diff” option to be able to compare two versions of a script in the comparison report.
  • Updated the Troi Plugin to 4.5.1.
  • Added a dynamic Sort button to the top of every list layout.
  • Added the ability to call BaseElements with a parameter with details of the summary file to import. This allows you to automate the import of DDR files without any user interaction.  Details
  • Added a script you can call to take you directly to a particular Analysis. This allows you to reference your DDR from an external project tracking system.  Details
  • Added a Group Name field to the portals that show script steps.


  • Fixed an issue where a TO used in a Privilege Set wouldn’t be reported.
  • Fixed some display issues with calculations in Privilege Sets.
  • Added the Errors and Warnings of a Menu Item to the parent Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where field references in Menu Items wouldn’t import in some circumstances.
  • Fixed some links from Menus to Calculations.
  • Fixed an issue TO References for VL starting points weren’t included.

BaseElements 2.0.9 - Released 24th September 2008

  • Fix the regression of the Fields used in Summary Fields not being included in references.

BaseElements 2.0.8 - Released 19th September 2008

  • Added a new “Complete” option to the Consolidation Report.
  • Fixed, clarified and cleaned up a few items in the Consolidation report, including adding a new Action field.
  • Fixed an issue where imports of Field References weren’t accurate.
  • Fixed some UI issues in ValueLists.

BaseElements 2.0.7 - Released 29th August 2008

  • Fixed some issues with Script Steps and links to menu items and buttons.
  • Fixed the import of Set Variable steps.
  • Resolved some ValueList issues with the Consolidation report.
  • Fixed a GTRR issue of Script Steps in the error report.
  • Fixed an Back/Forward issue with the report item layouts.
  • Fix an issue with the fields using in Summary fields not being reported correctly.
  • Made a change to the way the import brings in the Bounds for layout objects to work around issues in language delimeters.
  • A whole bunch of fixes to the Consolidation report mostly around Value Lists to improve accuracy.

BaseElements 2.0.6 - Released 15th August 2008

  • Made a change so that it won’t import calculations in GTRR layouts where it was changed back to SelectedLayout.
  • Added a link to the SubMenu of a MenuItem.
  • Fixed the GTRRs for File in Menus.
  • Added more detail to the MenuItem portal.
  • Added a portal for Menus used as SubMenus and updated the unreferenced to reflect the count.
  • Fixed the link from MenuItems to calculations.
  • Removed Calculations imported for separator Menu Items.
  • Removed ScriptSteps imported for separator Menu Items.
  • Fixed TORef count on TOs.
  • Fixed the GTRR for Calculation parent items.
  • Added an extra TORef for the starting TO of a lookup.
  • Removed the Lookup TO and field details when the lookup is switched off.

BaseElements 2.0.5 - Released 7th August 2008

  • Fixed the portal on TO for fields that was showing the wrong items.
  • Fixed an issue where field used in Conditional Formatting would reference as Tooltips.
  • Fixed the import of MenuLists.
  • Changed the Unreferenced for “-” layouts.
  • Fixed some of the Finds for Unreferenced fields in lists and tables.

BaseElements 2.0.4 - Released 4th August 2008

  • Added errors for missing TOs for Validation and Auto-Enter Calcs.
  • Added in the Variable Name for a Set Variable script step to the import order.
  • Removed the file count mismatch warning as it was showing false positives.
  • Fixed a refresh issue when adding more plugins.
  • Fixed the Unreferenced count for Layouts that wasn’t showing buttons and MenuItems.

BaseElements 2.0.3 - Released 31st July 2008

  • Added in the Variable Name for a Set Variable script step to the import order.
  • Added the layout object Tab Name to the object List.
  • Fixed the Notes field on the object lists and table.
  • Added the Scodigo PHP plugin to the plugins setup.
  • Changed the warning for EA accounts to the correct details.
  • Fixed some list/table layouts that didn’t have alternating backgrounds.
  • Changed the default account in the Data file so that importing from previous will work.
  • Changed the Privilege Model to allow exports again.
  • Fixed some issues in the Field import affecting Validation options.
  • Fixed an issue where Fields used in a ValueList would not display a count for VL but would for “All”.

BaseElements 2.0.2 - Released 23rd July 2008

  • Fixed some fields that were showing as Wrong TO for the found counts.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent an import from a network volume on windows - would return error 100.
  • Resolved some issues with the update check and download links not being accurate.
  • Added an “Import From Previous Version” button to the setup page.
  • Fixed an issue in the import process where files with special characters (+,- etc) wouldn’t have any data.
  • Fixed some issues in the consolidation report that would produce extra blank records.

BaseElements 2.0.1 - Released 17th July 2008

  • Fixed the Assigned to fields on the notes list and table layouts.
  • Fixed the overlapping portal on the notes tabs.
  • Fixed an issue where buttons and menu items didn’t map to the correct script.
  • Changed the script count to be scripts and groups.
  • Fixed a GTRR for accounts showing all records.
  • Fixed the Notes field on notes layout.
  • Remove the box on the value list layout.
  • Fixed the report total counts.
  • Fixed the display of External File names in Relationships.
  • Fixed an auto-resize issue on Privileges

BaseElements 2.0.0 - Released 10th July 2008

New Features at a Glance

  • New Layout design - complete makeover AND consolidated into a single UI file.
  • All layouts fully FileMaker 9 compatible with built in “stretchy”!
  • New link layouts for quick jumping from item to item.
  • New Consolidation Report.
  • New Error, Unreferenced and Warning Report.
  • Completely updated import process.
  • New Calculations table to search solution wide in all calcs.
  • New Notes table and ability to assign notes, and see errors, warnings and notes against previous solution imports.
  • New layouts for Variables and Plugins.
  • New import process with clearer progress and fewer processing steps.
  • Smart Search feature to limit your search to the current analysis.

New Features in detail

New layout design and setup.

  • Consolidated all of the main UI files into a single file.
  • Single UI file - makes it easier to use BE alongside other solutions.
  • Single UI file - allows us to import into a data only file, reducing the TO count and speeding up imports.
  • Makes names more prominent over id fields.
  • New icons for linking to related portal rows - Allows us to show more data in the portal.
  • New navigation bar on the left to allow more room on the layout for data.
  • New Link Layout - allows you to jump from section to section with ease, and see all related items.
  • New Notes layout.
  • Notes Layout - allows you to add notes to any items, and assign those notes to a developer.
  • Notes Layout - allows you to see notes against previous iterations of this solution.
  • Notes Layout - shows a portal of errors, unreferenced and warnings against this item as well as against previous iterations of this solution so you can compare the current version to previous to see where and when errors were introduced.
  • All layouts have been updated and re-configured with the new FileMaker 9 Autoresize feature. So layouts can expand to fill your screen.
  • Added a total of errors, unreferenced and warnings to the main portal on the home screen.
  • New Sort Order Items table, showing the real sort order for script steps.
  • New Script Text field, listing all of the contents of a script in a single field.
  • Smart Search feature - when doing a find in BaseElements, it can automatically limit your find to a particular Analysis, so that you only find in the solution or import you’re currently looking at.
  • New Analysis Printout option with quick totals for every file.

New consolidation Report.

  • Using BaseElements, we built a report, in BaseElements, to consolidate BaseElements.
  • This allows you to move any Table, or sets of layouts or both from one file to another.
  • So you can use it to consolidate multiple files into one, or to split a file into separate data and UI, or any combination of those.
  • This report takes advantage of some previously unseen optimisations to make the entire process as easy as can be.

Other Reports.

  • New Error Report - Allows you to list errors, unreferenced and warning items, independent of the item they’re related to.
  • Modified the comparison report to allow a comparison by name or id.
  • Comparison Report - now you can compare by name or id, you can see changes in a solution over time (by id) or difference between two versions of the same thing, developed independently.
  • All reports have options for notes, as well as assigning the report item to a developer and marking it as complete.

More Data Tables and layouts.

  • New Calculations Table.
  • Calculations - you can now search in a calculation across your entire solution.
  • New Variable Layouts - you can now search for variable usage across your entire solution.
  • New Plugin Layouts - you can now search for Plugin usage across your entire solution.

Updated import process.

  • Optimised import process imports all of the files in a solution in one step, making imports quicker and easier to see progress.
  • New import layout gives a better indication of progress.
  • Almost completely remove the processing steps, and built them into the import instead to reduce import time.

Other (not so exciting) changes.

  • Update the registration process and dialogs. Added a demo registration option into BaseElements.
  • Cleaned up the setup and preferences.
  • Add growl notifications for mac users.
  • New Help layout.
  • Added the ability to import custom file paths.
  • Lots more little things :)

BaseElements 1.6.6 - Released 17th June 2008

  • Fixes a regression where field comments weren’t being imported.
  • Updates the registration details so it will accept BaseElements 2 licence codes.

BaseElements 1.6.5 - Released 2nd November 2007

  • Updates the RunTime version to FMPA 9.0v2.
  • The Runtime now works on Mac OS 10.5 Leopard.
  • Fixes an issue with the comparison report where it would get stuck in an infinite loop. Thanks to Betty Besio for the testing on this.

BaseElements 1.6.2 - Released 19th October 2007

  • Fixes an issue where the comparison report would incorrectly list multiple access privilege changes.

BaseElements 1.6.1 - Released 17th September 2007


  • Trim the Conditional Formatting Calculation to make it easier to see and added error highlight.
  • Include errors in Conditional Formatting in the Object Error count.
  • Added more detail to the Layout tab of Custom Functions so you can view and link to the object data directly.
  • Include CF and Field references from the Conditional Formatting.
  • Change the Layout Object options for fields to only display for the “Field” type.
  • Removed from the Field References import the portal field objects, as they are included separately already and only cause confusion.


  • Fixes an issue with the main DDR tabs not working from reports or setup.
  • Fixes a broken GTRR on the warnings tab for File References and adds the appropriate fields to the file reference layouts.
  • Fixes a GTRR for layout object lists from ScriptSteps, and adds a GTRR for the individual object.
  • Fix an issue with some Table tabs going to the list layout.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents ValueLists from being referenced in Sorts on the right side of a relationship.

BaseElements 1.6.0 - Released 3rd August 2007

New Features

  • Comparison Reporting - compares 2 DDRs or any 2 files and generates a “difference” report item list.
  • Completed the setup work for language translations.
  • Added a GTRR button for ValueLists used by fields.
  • Added a GTRR button for Custom Menu Items that are calling Scripts.
  • Changes the way ValueLists are referenced by fields so that they’re only referenced when the field formatting explicitly uses them.


  • Fixes a GTRR that wasn’t working for scripts used by Custom Menu Items.
  • Fixes a count issue for scripts used by Custom Menu Items.
  • Fixes a Position issue that was causing non working relationships to Custom Menu Items.

BaseElements 1.5.2 - Released 23rd July 2007


  • Added an option to the BaseElements.fp7 file to re-position all BaseElements windows to match the current window.
  • Fixes an issue with references in Script Steps in Scripts that are inside Groups not being imported.
  • Changes the way the Script Unreferenced works to be more accurate.
  • Changes the Unreferenced count for Script Groups to make them not show as Unreferenced.

BaseElements 1.5.0 - Released 10th July 2007

FileMaker 9 Compatible

  • Added Support for FMP and FMPA v9
  • An extra import for Conditional Formatting items and calculations.
  • More Table and TableOccurrence fields and information.
  • Information about fields from shadow tables.
  • New fields to track the Auto Resize options for layout objects.
  • A new import for ODBC data sources and information about the username and password calculation options.
  • Changes the Script import to import Groups and assign Scripts to Groups
  • Added the ability to see the field options for “Spell Checking”..

Other New Features

  • Now imports the FMP version number from the Summary file.
  • Added a red highlight for mismatch counts of objects that may be errors.
  • Now imports the first text object it finds for Buttons, so you can see the text of a standard button.
  • Added the option to list all fields used in a relationship, so you can see all of the fields from both predicates, plus any used in a sort for that relationship.
  • Updated the list layouts so you can click into fields.
  • Added a view button and added the notes fields to the list layouts.
  • Added error counting for sorts in relationships.
  • Adds a new warning for a File Reference that points to itself.
  • Adds a new warning for a relationship that is trying to sort on a disconnected TOG.


  • Fixes an issue Script Unreferenced count.
  • Fixes the header count and relationship for Tooltip Layout objects.

BaseElements 1.3.1 - Released June 29 2007

New Features

  • Added an option to track which external plugin functions are used and where.
  • Added a plugins tab to the file layout that links to where plugins are used, as well as all of the other plugin layouts.
  • Added the ability to record if a file is using “Indirection” and report what sort of indirection it is.
  • Changed the way the Unreferenced works so it shows differently for files using Indirection.


  • Fixed an issue where a File Reference wouldn’t show for “Open File” buttons on layouts.
  • Fixed an issue where the tab names and tab object names didn’t import.
  • Added an extra check for the troi file plugin when starting an import.
  • Fixed an issue where the Licence Agreement dialog would re-appear.

BaseElements 1.2.1 - Released 4th June 2007


  • Added the ability for users to modify layouts and add their own scripts.
  • Changed the way some of the error dialogs work on registration to remove some superfluous dialogs.
  • Updated the plugin to v 3610.
  • Fixed an issue where the DDR would report a false error for a layout object not having a ValueList.

BaseElements 1.2.0 - Released 30th May 2007

New Features

  • Added the ability to track variables - includes an overview on the files layout, plus new tabs on every object with a calculation.
  • Completely redid the LayoutObject detail section.
  • Added the ability to know what tab an object is on.
  • Added tracking for layout object names.
  • Changed the ValueListReferences to show more detail and have a list layout.
  • Added an option to view all TOs for a relationship.
  • Added the ability to see Web Compatible Script steps via an “On/Off” button in the same way that ScriptMaker does, highlighting incompatible steps in grey..
  • Added the tabs to back and forward so it remembers previous tab positions.
  • Added portals to the relationships and layout objects layouts to show sort order details.
  • Added a Custom Menu Item for deleting all records in the DDR file that gives you the option of also deleting all of the related data for all records.


  • Changed the field layout completely to be more easy to read.
  • Change the default folder for storing preferences to work around some issues that users had reported with preferences not being stored.
  • Changed the Layouts layout to show more detail and have a second sub tab.
  • Re-did the CustomFunctions layout to show items used and add variables.
  • Some changes to the XSLT to reduce import time and cut out fields that are no longer required.
  • Some changes to the import processing step to reduce processing time and also handle Variables.
  • Changes the disabled script step highlight to Italic to avoid a conflict with Web Compatible highlighting.
  • Modified the way field and value list references are used in sorts to pick up those more accurately in the new sort order portals.
  • Made all of the tab objects slightly taller to make them look better on windows.


  • Fixed issues with storing and loading of preference files for both the prefs and app folder, and simplified the alert dialogs that come up if there are any issues.
  • Fixed some GTRR issues for TOs used in calculations.
  • A bunch of other minor fixes on GTRR links in various places.
  • A fix for storing preferences in multi-user mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Installing the File Default menu set would report an error.
  • Changes to the way Privilege Sets report errors.

BaseElements 1.1.0 - Released 2nd April 2007

New Features

  • Added a Custom Function Reference list and table layout as well as a “List All References” option.
  • Added a setup option for the warnings so they can be turned on or off to avoid warnings you don’t want or need to see.
  • Added a Full Access EA account for Master Access users.
  • Added a Re-login script for Master Access users.
  • Added a “Standard Menus” script for Master Access users.
  • Added another warning for Tables that have no Table Occurrence.
  • Added another warning for TOs that have no layout.
  • Added another warning for Accounts using External Authentication that have the “Change Password on next login” enabled.
  • Added another warning for Accounts using External Authentication that have are using a Privilege Set that has “Allow user to change password” enabled.
  • Added more totals to the front screen.


  • Changed the export xslt process to always update the files.
  • Changed all of the GTRR steps across the whole system to not open a new window when using the shift key, and to add an option to do both shift and option/alt.
  • Changed the import process to not open any new windows when importing at the file options stage.
  • Changed the registration process to use a preferences file instead of storing them in global fields.
  • Changed the layout objects to be on a separate tab so it shows more portal rows for all of the tabs.


  • Fixed an issue with the import from previous not working.
  • Fixed an issue with Additional Fields used in Summaries not being picked up.
  • Fixed some GTRR issues and go to field issues for the relationships between privilege sets and custom functions.
  • Fixed the update download process to also download a Runtime file if required.
  • Fixed an issue where the layout used in a GTRR step wouldn’t be correctly picked up in the DDR when the Table was from a different file, but the layout was in the current file - common in a separation model development.
  • Fixed a broken GTRR for the lookup table TO.
  • Fixed an issue with GTRR using a broken layout not showing an error.
  • Fixed an with some errors in value lists not being reported correctly.

BaseElements 1.0.5 - Released 3rd March 2007

  • Version checking against the server, including a download new update option.
  • Change the way the ValueList import works so that it doesn’t include details for objects it’s not actually referring to.
  • Import from previous versions script in the Scripts Menu of the Home screen.
  • Run-times for both platforms.
  • Update of the plugin to 3.6.
  • Fix of some display and GTRR issues for fields referenced in script steps.
  • Updated some more of the error counts so that you can clear them out and the graphic will update.
  • Added a lot more warnings.
  • Added a warnings tab to the home screen and counts to all of the associated layouts.
  • Added a “Client Name” field to the DDR File.
  • Fixed an issue of the GTRR not working for Script Steps used by Fields.
  • Fixed an issue of extra JoinPredicates showing in the Calculations tab of the TO layout.
  • Added a portal to the File References tab in the File layout showing file references that point to the file as well as file references in the file.
  • Added a link to GTRR for the file referred to in a File Reference.
  • Changed the way unreferenced works for Scripts and Layouts to match the way TO’s work. It now only counts on the main Home screen the completely unreferenced items, not the “Maybe Referenced”.

BaseElements 1.0.3 - Released 5th Feb 2007

  • Renamed the EA groups to be a short name to resolve a conflict with some versions of Windows Server.
  • Changed the XSLT File references to work around a bug in FMP that was preventing imports when hosted on FMS.

BaseElements 1.0.2 - Released 29th Jan 2007

  • Changed the way fields reference ValueLists so that they’re in a single portal.
  • Added a list and table view for FieldReferences so that you can work through a list of references one at a time regardless of where they come from.
  • Updated the Troi File plugin to to fix a conflict and potential crash problem.
  • Added the Sharing Enabled External Authentication Groups.  Thanks to Adam Aronson for the testing on this.

BaseElements 1.0.1 - Released 27th Jan 2007

  • Changed the way field references work with relationships so that they are in a single portal.
  • Fixed an issue with ValueList sorts so that they show the Parent Type properly.

BaseElements 1.0 - Released 25th Jan 2007

First Public Release.

Changes from the beta

  • Turned off the System Text option that shouldn’t have been left as “Ask”.
  • Added code to check for corruption and present warnings.
  • Stopped processing when a xslt error occurs on the first import.
  • Added External Authentication groups to the files to allow the use of EA accounts on servers.
  • Added an override to the DDR Delete Record menu to ask if you want to delete all of the related records for this DDR.
  • Fixed an issue with some errors in script steps being counted more than once.
  • Added a “Close” button that will close all of the BaseElements files.
  • Added a “Close File” Custom Menu Item to the BaseElements file that asks you if you want to close all files or just the current one.
  • Cleaned up a couple of references to BaseTables that shouldn’t have been there.
  • Fixed an issue with a relationship in going to a parent field not working from Tables.

BaseElements 1.0b4 - Released 16th Jan 2007

  • Fixed an issue with the top/right/bottom/left not being accurate for buttons.
  • Fixed the tabs on the TO layout.
  • Added back some fields missing in the priv set table.
  • Added True/False drop down lists to the appriate fields.
  • Setup of language table for translations and started some additions.
  • Added a “Notes” field to every table.
  • Added a file count to the DDR layouts.
  • Added an option to List each of the different parent types from a script step, including showing totals, as per the other links above the portals.
  • Fixed an issue with Scripts called by CustomMenuItems not being picked up.
  • Fixed a field type for CustomMenuItems that resolves some broken relationships.
  • Fixed an issue where CustomFunctions used in a CustomMenuItem wouldn’t be picked up.

BaseElements 1.0b3 - Released 7th Jan 2007

  • Completed changes made to the way references (Field, CF and ScriptSteps) work. This completes the changes started in b2 and resolves all of the outstanding issues with regards to this.
  • Fixed an issue with ValueLists not including Tables from the Show Related option.
  • Worked around a broken DDR issue where the Layout from a GTRR step has the wrong name.
  • Added a warning and a warning count to the above GTRR issue in the ScriptStep file.
  • Added Total per file for the Unreferenced and Error counts.
  • Added a link to the Version History page from the about screen.
  • Change the plugin registration code to automatically save a copy of the plugin to your extensions folder.
  • Fixed some of the the pull-down menu options for the maybe Unreferenced checkboxes, and changed the way this works so that the search field always has a value and it uses a separate count field for the display of totals.
  • Fixed an issue with indenting of “Else” script steps.
  • Fixed an issue with FileReferences with multiple values showing errors.
  • Changed the sort order in list view for unreferenfed and errors to descending to put the larger totals at the top.

BaseElements 1.0b2 - Released 18 Dec 2006

Important Notes about the b2 release : If you’ve been using b1, then make sure to remove the MBS, Troi Dialog and SMTPitPro plugins, as they’re no longer required (Unless of course you need them for other projects).

Also b2 contains an updated version of the Troi_File plugin, so you should replace the old version with this one in order to be up to date.

Other changes in b2 :

  • Figured out a way to script the window size change and get it to stick every time.
  • Cleaned up the feedback option - made it much simpler, so it uses your local email client - this also reduces the number of plugins to 2 - why didn’t I think of this earlier ;)
  • Changed the XSLT export option to use the ExportFieldContents script step instead of a plugin - this reduces the number of plugins to 1.
  • Modified the FieldReferences XSLT to do a sub function for the script steps part for Scripts/CustomMenus/LayoutButtons.
  • Changed the way field reference types are used so that it’s cleaner to work with.
  • Fixed an issue with CF’s not being found in WebViewers.
  • Fixed an issue with Sort order in a CustomMenu not being picked up.
  • Added a warning for calculated XML/XSLT imports where the fields aren’t in the DDR.
  • Added the errors in field references to the ScriptStep error count.
  • Changed the links in the portal in the DDR_DDR File to go to the List layout instead of the form layout.
  • Updated the TroiFile plugin to 3.5.3
  • Added the command/ctrl left arrow and right arrow commands to the menu to match the back and forward buttons.
  • Added the BaseElements Website and register menu options to the help menu.
  • Sorted the portals on the “Layout” form layout to be sorted by error count so that errors appear at the top of the list.

BaseElements 1.0b1 - Released 12 Dec 2006

  • First Beta Release.

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