Sharing with FileMaker Server

Both the Single User and Site Licence versions of BaseElements can be used on FileMaker Server. The Single User licence though, will only allow one user at a time to access the database.

When using FileMaker Server you can also use an existing External Authentication ( EA ) account to limit access to BaseElements. There are two EA accounts in the main BaseElements files :



that have Edit and Read only access enabled respectively. If you need a specific EA group added to the files, we can do that for you. Contact us for details.

However, the regular single user account also has sharing enabled, so without alteration, all users will default to this account and be granted access. In order to remove that automatic access, you need to :

  • Create the External Authentication Edit and Read accounts on you server, either locally or in OD / AD.
  • Open the files on FileMaker Server using an account in the Edit EA group.
  • Go to the About BaseElements Menu Item to change to the main BaseElements file.
  • In the Scripts menu, run the "Disable the User Account" script.

Other hosting options

There are scripts in the main BaseElements file that you can run that allow you to adjust various options for hosting.  These are things like the multi-user state of the file, as well as whether or not the default account is available.

To access these scripts, go to the About BaseElements Menu Item to change to the main BaseElements file, then look in the "Scripts" menu.

Set Multi-User State

These scripts allow you to turn on or off the multi-user state of BaseElements. The hidden option allows you to have the main BaseElements file not showing in the Open Remote dialog.

The option to turn it off avoids the annoying dialog about hosting not being enabled when not used on FileMaker Server.

Disable / Enable the User Account

These will allow you to turn off the normal access account and so BaseElements will be restricted to only the EA groups and accounts you've set.


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