What is BaseElements?

BaseElements is a FileMaker Developer Tool for analysing FileMaker Pro solutions.

By importing the Database Design Report from FileMaker Pro Advanced, it gives you a complete cross reference of every element in your solution.

Who can use BaseElements?

BaseElements is designed to be used by anyone who is using FileMaker Pro to develop systems either for themselves or for other clients. Because it captures everything in your solution, you can know more about your solution than it's possible to know as a standard developer.

Why Use BaseElements?

BaseElements gives you the ability to see all of the elements in your solution from the outside, and will tell you what is being used and where, and what is broken or not being used at all.

It can speed up your solution by allowing you to remove elements that are no longer being used, saving you space but also allowing you to avoid maintaining sections of the solution that don't need to be maintained. Plus you can used BaseElements to look at where your solution is being slow and why by tracing fields and scripts through their dependencies and optimising them for the best outcomes.

BaseElements is an essential tool for all developers from small to large.


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