Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Almost all of the built in FileMaker keyboard shortcuts remain in place. Command-F for find mode etc. Plus we've added a couple of extra ones to make navigation easier :

Command-N : Is mapped to the "New Window" command. Instead of creating a new record, which doesn't make sense in BaseElements, this will put up a new window.

Command-Shift-H : Home. This is the same as clicking the Home button in the navigation toolbar.

Command-Shift-← (Left arrow) : Back Button.

Command-Shift-→ (Right arrow) : Forward Button.

As well as that, some existing Keyboard shortcuts have extra behaviours in certain situations.

Command-P : Print : When on list views, or when viewing any of the reports, this will take you to a special Print version of the current layout and then run a script preview and print process.


Copy To Clipboard

BaseElements lets you copy field definitions, Table definitions, Script Steps, Scripts and Custom Functions out of previously analysed solutions, and paste them back into you FileMaker database.

This can be handy for moving elements like Custom Functions between solutions, or for bringing back code from an older version of the solution that has since been modified or deleted.

Command-C : Copy. This will copy field data when inside a field. However, when on the certain layouts, and not in any field it will copy the current element(s) to the clipboard, ready to paste into FileMaker Pro.

Also, there is the buttons on the layouts where copy is available, that look like the following :

These buttons can also be used to copy to clipboard on form view ( current record ) or list view ( found set ).

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