Setup and Plugins


BaseElements comes as a set of three fmp12 files. You need to copy the 3 BaseElements .fmp12 files to a location on your hard drive. 

Multiple Copies

BaseElements will let you import as many different solutions into a single copy as you prefer. However some developers like to keep multiple copies of BaseElements, one for each project or client, and this is perfectly fine within the licence agreement. In this way you can keep a single archive of each project's development.

You can also use FileMaker server, although you can only have one copy on each FileMaker Server at any one time.

BaseElements uses an included plugin, called BaseElements.fmplugin on the Mac or BaseElements.fmx64 on Windows. 

There is no setup required for the plugin, it will be installed automatically.

The latest version of the BaseElements plugin can be found at :

The BaseElements plugin is open source and freely available for other developers to use in any project they see fit. Source code is also available. See the website url above for more details.


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