Modifier Keys

The Navigating the UI section details how to use the portals to view related data, and view either a related element directly or a list of all of the related elements.

In BaseElements there are two extra modifier keys that make this feature even more useful.

Option ( Mac ) / Alt ( Windows )

Whenever there is a link to another element, you can cause that link to open in a new window by holding down the Option/Alt key.

For example a list of related Fields will open in a new window and the current window will remain where it is. This works for single items inside portals, entire related found sets using View button at the top of the portal, and the links in the details area with an arrow next to them.

This is really useful when wanting to view two elements at the same time, or keep a found set by opening it in a new window.


The shift key has an extra function when you're clicking the View button at the top of the portal, or an arrow link in the details area.  Those links normally do a Go To Related Record, with the "Using Current Record" option.

When you hold down Shift, it will do a Go To Related Record using found set. So for example, you can Go to a list of layouts, then hold shift and go to a list of all of the buttons on all of the layouts in the found set. Then go to another list of all of the scripts called by all of the buttons in the found set.


The best feature is that both option and shift work together, so you can use both or either one at any time.


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